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27 NOV 2010

You spoke. We listened! In an effort to economize your shipping costs, we now offer your choice of 19-ounce or 16-ounce bags of coffee. Both will ship for the same 1-bag rate. Additionally, we have lowered our shipping costs for orders of 3 or more bags.

26 DEC 2014

Tim Eggers, CoffeeGeek moderator comments:

"Took delivery of my latest order yesterday and all went well. Beans look and taste fantastic. . .I'm also really loving your #5 Blend. I just love how approachable it is and how smooth and classic it tastes. One of the finest blends I've pulled in a long time. I'm really enjoying it! Great job, I can't wait to order even more.

My preference is for a blend that doesn't try to be over the top, your #5 is so relaxed in the cup its a joy to pull. Great job on it"

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Just what is Len's Espresso Blends? Well, we are NOT a roaster though we do have carte blanche use of local "boutique" roaster where our beans are roasted and blended to our exclusive specification. We are NOT a coffee shop, cafe, etc. though we are regularly and often seen visiting the local (as well as not-so-local) establishments. We do not sell espresso machinery though we might use our own espresso machine and grinders more than many of you.

Please think of us as YOUR individual coffee roaster. Our beans are sourced from the finest sources in the World and roasted to perfection by a well-established roaster with whom we commune every day. They are GUARANTEED to be shipped the day they are roasted so that transit time becomes de-gas time and will arrive at your door ready to use.

What you get from Len's Espresso Blends is fresh gourmet coffee beans, roasted the "Old World" way-which means NEVER over-roasted and dedicated exclusively for those who prefer espresso to any other coffee beverage. Well, OK, the beans are also well-suited to a traditional (i.e. 6 oz) cappuccino, or macchiato, etc. Also, we may offer a very limited amount of drip, press, or other less...um...robust coffees. But, if you prefer espresso and its derivates to all other forms of coffee and if you "pull your own shots", we are here to provide to you the freshest and finest beans with which to induldge your passion.

Go ahead and order a pound today. It is possible that your order may not be shipped tomorrow, but you can be assured that it will be shipped the very same day it comes from the roaster's cooling pan.

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